If you would like more information, please contact
our managing director Josine Gilissen:
phone: +31 (0)30 799 0926

Het Filiaal theatermakers
Biltstraat 166
3572 BP Utrecht
The Netherlands
telephone +31 (0)30 273 4956

artistic director Monique Corvers
musical director Gábor Tarján
object theatre maker Ramses Graus

assistant managing director Matthijs Nieuwburg
production management Annetje van Dijk
lighting technician Joost Giesken
tourmanager Gwen Croonen
education Nina de Hondt
culture coach Anne-Marie Knippels
marketing & communication Frederique Josemans
marketing & publicity Lisanne de Geus

Het Filiaal theatermakers is the largest youth and music-theater company in the Netherlands’ central region and structurally funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture & Science, and by the City of Utrecht.