Falling Dreams

10+ English spoken
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Immerse yourself in a limitless adventure full of live video, poetry and energetic music. Have you ever had the feeling of falling just before you go to asleep? Falling Dreams is about that moment. You find yourself in the dreaming, thinking head of a twelve year old girl. With thoughts that come and go and images layered one on top of the other.

In Falling Dreams anything can happen, just like in a dream. Using cameras and projection, the audience is in many places at once and miniature worlds are blown up and made to look larger than life. At times it’s like you suddenly find yourself in a music video, complete with raw pop songs and bizarre objects.

An out-of-control rollercoaster ★ The Herald >> 
The smooth way in which the five performers effortlessly handle so much technology to achieve stunning, atmospheric images and music is sensational. A dream you could not have dreamed up better yourself. ★★★★ Theatre Newspaper

Falling Dreams is a falling dream and surgical brainwork in one that leaves you with newfound respect for your brain, which performs this extraordinary feat every night.
★★★★ De Volkskrant

Falling Dreams has been awarded a prestigious Silver Cricket and also been nominated for the Golden Cricket for the ‘most impressive stage production in youth theatre’ Download the entire jury report >>

written & directed by Monique Corvers | music by Gábor Tarján | video Ramses Graus | performed by Ramses Graus, Mirthe Klieverik, Peter Sambros & Gábor Tarján | operator Charlotte Agema

Falling Dreams opening show at Imaginate 2017
The English version of the play Falling Dreams, was performed 29 and 30 May at Edinburgh International Children’s Festival. This production was also be the opening show of the Festival.

Hannah Cox @Han_Coxy Last night @hetfiliaal’s Falling Dreams dazzled – part theatre show, part gig, part music video, but mainly very cool #edchildrensfest | Jassy Earl @jassyearl Kicking off #EdChildrensFest w/ Falling Dreams @hetfiliaal this morning. Really great exploration of entering the scary world of adolescence | Graffiti Theatre Co @GraffitiTheatre Falling Dreams @hetfiliaal Wow! Mind Blown! #EdChildrensFest | Flossie Waite @FlossieWaite Forever grateful to @ImaginateUK for introducing me to companies like @hetfiliaal -another bit of zany existentialism tonight #FallingDreams | Tim Bell @tmebell Mind blowing shifts of perspective; @hetfiliaal’s smart, surprising FallingDreams @traversetheatre @ImaginateUK @theeggbath #EdChildrensFest | Becky Lees @BeckyLees2 Highlight of #EdChildrensFest so far: @hetfiliaal Falling Dreams – the slick live video was mind blowing @ImaginateUK @traversetheatre