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The first space trips to Mars are planned for 2030. Think about it: the very first human to set foot on Mars is already walking around on Earth, RIGHT NOW! But why would you want to travel for almost nine months to end up on a planet where there’s nothing to do? No family, no friends, and no blue sky. It doesn’t sound all that appealing… and yet there are people (the Marco Polos and Christopher Columbusses of our time) who would be willing to take a one-way trip to Mars because their thirst for adventure is so tremendous.

What would that be like – to be so far from Earth? And why would you sacrifice yourself for a greater good? Is it incredibly brave, or actually a bit stupid? Het Filiaal theatermakers has gone in search of the answers for you! They have created a cosmic production about the red planet, complete with miniature planets, philosophical ruminations, choral singing, live videos, and plant music. Of course, it remains far from certain when, or even whether, the first human being will land on Mars but ANYTHING is possible in the theatre.

MARS! is one of the funniest, creative and exciting shows I’ve seen in years. AD*****
Composer Gábor Tarján enchants with magical electronics and wondrous wind instruments, creating a surprising soundscape in which even cacti produce sounds. Theaterkrant

I saw the incredibly fun family production MARS! by Het Filiaal theatermakers yesterday. Highly recommended! Tweet from Govert Schilling (science journalist & publicist) | Just back from the premiere of MARS! by Het Filiaal theatermakers. An absolute must see! Inge Loes ten Kate (Mars researcher, Utrecht University) | Het Filiaal theatermakers remained once again true to their DNA in the premiere of MARS!. Follow them wherever they should lead, I would say. They’ll take you on a journey. Frank vd Hulst (Director, Kunst Centraal)

written & directed by Monique Corvers | music by Gábor Tarján | video by Ramses Graus | performed by Eileen Graham, Karin Jessica Jansen, Boy Ooteman & Gábor Tarján

Documentary: Experimenting with Imagination
Utrecht filmmakers Claudia Rison and Nina Slagmolen chronicled the making of the production. They also filmed an accompanying art project several times, which was specially designed based on the play. The result is a beautiful short documentary (12 minutes) that introduces you to all the various players and their methods. See the film >>