8+ German spoken

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Dangle your legs in the bath, push your feet up against the toilet, or rest the tip of your chin on the worktop and spy on the only resident of House. An old man who is constantly at odds with himself and the things around him. Until he gives up… What was once a shipping container has been turned into a fully furnished house that even includes seating: the audience sits inside the set and everyone watches the performance from a different perspective.

In 2012, House was awarded the Gouden Krekel (Golden Cricket) for the most impressive theatrical achievement: “The set design in House determines everything (…) All the details of the old man’s living space have been beautifully developed. Everything is functional and exudes melancholy…House is an ode to the idea of letting go and is a genuine treat for anyone who can still catch one of the shows.” from the jury report

Press quotes

One of the best artworks of 2011 NRC  –  A jewel Zeeuwse Courant  –  You get so carried away by the story that it seems like you’re the man himself Odile Niers (age 8)

concept & director Jellie Schippers
concept & set designer Myriam Van Gucht
text Magne van de Berg
music Gábor Tarján
performer Ron van Lente